Main Window

Brief description:

Main Window consists of:

When launched, PdfTk-QGUI tries to find 'suslictk.rc' - configuration file.
At first, it searches in the directory, where PdfTk-QGUI binary file is located. Then it searches in 'temporary directory'*.
If no configuration file is found, PdfTk-QGUI will alert you about it and will try to use default values, i.e. pdftk command - 'pdftk <input file> ...', viewer - none, style - Cleanlooks.

Next, PdfTk-QGUI checks, if pdftk is available - it executes 'pdftk --help', and if this command fails to start, it offers you to enter pdftk binary path, or perform automated search.
ATTENTION! Automated search may be very slow! All your mounted hard drives will be searched recursively beginning with root directory('/')) for a binary file with the name containing "pdftk". Then you will be asked to select appropriate file from the list.
If you don't want to perform automated search, you can enter pdftk binary path manually. If you reject both opportunities, PdfTk-QGUI will exit. (from version 0.1.9 and higher it will continue to work, but all features that require pdftk execution will be unavailable)

If configuration file is found, PdfTk-QGUI will try to read needed parameters (all additional information, stored in this file will be ignored!).

    Configuration files:
  1. suslictk.rc - main configuration file.
    List of available options (for version 0.1.6)
  2. bgimg.rc - optional configuration file - list of backgrounds (full path required!)
  3. scripts.rc - list of scripts. Example:
    /*script txt_to_pdf*/
    txt2pdf * * ?
N.B. You don't have to write these configuration files yourself! PdfTk-QGUI will do it for you! (see Preferences section for more information). But of course you can edit them with your favorite text editor.

You may need the following information to write css file:
ObjectObject Name
Main Window PdfTk-QGUI
Report Field TE

* Temporary directory - %HOME DIRECTORY%/.suslictk
**Configuration file - suslictk.rc ('Delete rc' command will try to delete %HOME DIRECTORY%/.suslictk/suslictk.rc)
***Options marked with '***' are not necessary for PdfTk-QGUI to start. If any other option is missing, it may cause an error.

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