Viewer path & pdftk path

shows that specified file exists and is a binary file
shows that specified file does not exist or is not a binary file
click to find it.

External stylesheet - check it if you want to use external style sheet in order to customize look&feel of PdfTk-QGUI.
Use button to the right (it shows the name of currently selected css file) to specify existing css file. You can edit selected css file from preferences dialog (Edit CSS tab). Click 'Preview' button to see, how standard elements will look like using your style sheet (this operation won't save changes you've made to your css file)
If you uncheck 'External stylesheet' , you will only be able to specify:


  1. You can specify color by selecting it with the help of special dialog (click for this dialog to be shown), or you can input it by hand in the following format: #RRGGBB (R, G and B are hexadecimal digits)
  2. To add an image to the database, click 'Add' button in the appropriate section
    To remove image from database, click 'Remove' button in the appropriate section.
    If database exists, it will be automatically loaded at dialog's startup.

PDF Printer:
QPrinter is used to convert TXT and HTML documents to PDF. Use this tab to change page orientation, color mode, page order and resolution of converted document.


You may need the following information to write css file:
ObjectObject Name
Dialog PrefsDlg
CSS Edit field cssEdit
More detailed information you can find in 'PrefsDlg.cpp' file
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